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Exercise is something that we should all be doing, and yet many of us find excuses not to. Unless you live a very physically active life already as a result of your job or hobbies, there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t find extra time to exercise. Below are just some of the common excuses that many of us make for not exercising - and why you shouldn’t let these excuses stop you.

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I can’t afford a gym membership

Joining a gym can allow you to meet people and use all kinds of equipment you couldn’t use at home. But gym memberships are very expensive. As a result, many people don’t join a gym. Of course, you don’t need to join a gym to exercise. You don’t even need to spend any money to work out. There are many exercises that don’t require any equipment from jogging to various static exercises, that you can do in your living room. Blogs and Youtube videos can meanwhile offer free exercise advice and classes. 

I have no time to exercise

Many of us lead busy lives as a result of work, kids and other commitments. We can’t spare an hour to go to the gym or go for a jog. However, exercise doesn’t have to be time-consuming. There are HIIT workouts you can do in half an hour as can be found at sites like HOTWORX. Combining exercise with other activities like housework or playing with kids is also possible. All in all, there is always time for exercise.

I’m too tired to exercise

Working out is tough when you’re tired. But have you considered that you may be tired because you’re not exercising? A sedentary lifestyle can make many people feel more tired - when we’re not being active during the day, it can affect our circadian rhythm and actually cause us to produce sleep hormones in preparation for bedtime. A workout could pick you up by getting the blood pumping and providing an endorphin rush. Morning workouts can be particularly effective for energizing people at the beginning of the day. 

I don’t need to work out

You may not be overweight and may consume a fairly healthy diet, but you still need to exercise. It is important for the health of your bones, your joints, your muscles and your heart. Even if you look and feel healthy now, you could find that a life without exercise increases your risk of issues like heart disease, arthritis and muscular dystrophy later.

I am too old to exercise

As we get older, we need to be more careful of the physical strain that we put on our bodies. However, this does not mean that you should give up exercise. Staying active in older age will keep you healthier longer. It is also important for our mental health as we get older.

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