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Men are often held to a high standard regarding how they weather the storms of life. You are counted on to be a leader, provider, and protector in adulthood. You may be expected to show up, even if you are in a challenging situation. However, this can cause you to adopt unhealthy habits that can affect your health in the long run. In this article, you will uncover these rituals and learn how to replace them with the right ones.

Social isolation

Craving solitude occasionally can be good for your mind and soul. However, it becomes a major concern when you want to be alone frequently. Humans are social beings, and the community has its role of keeping you balanced. Spending time with your loved ones has been proven to increase happiness, decrease loneliness, and increase self-confidence. If you feel extremely anxious in social gatherings, cancel plans all the time, and avoid all forms of social interaction, it's time to deal with the root cause. Therefore, embrace the idea of getting professional help if your need to isolate yourself stems from trauma or other deep-rooted issues. While at it, ease your way into human connection by joining online communities that have the same interests as you. Interacting with your co-workers or neighbors in real life would also be beneficial, so feel free to consider this. Work on small talk and try to honor invitations from friends. If you like sports, you can visit your local bar or stadium and mingle with other fans, so feel free to consider this. 



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Striving for more and aiming to give yourself or your family a good life is a legitimate desire. However, doing so at the expense of your mental health can pose grave issues. While piling up a huge workload could feel safe and comforting, you stand the chance of burning out. This, in turn, can lead to sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, and work-life strain. All these side effects can take a toll on your body and mind, leaving you prone to depression and other physical ailments. To break the habit, consider slowing down and taking on a reasonable amount of work. Don’t be afraid to take a day or two off to engage in relaxing hobbies or spend time with your family. You can also seek support through mind body performance coaching programs to regain focus.




There is a vast difference between pursuing excellence and perfectionism. Taking in more than you can handle, setting unrealistic expectations, and having a failure mindset are signs of negative perfectionism. Over time, you can develop negative feelings about yourself and your capabilities, making you spiral into a deep hole of comparison and dissatisfaction. Moreover, you may also pick up habits that sabotage your self-esteem and natural talents. It is important that you don’t get sucked into the idea of having it all together. You should also give yourself room to grow and make mistakes. Failure is part of life, so try not to be too hard on yourself when you encounter it.


A sedentary lifestyle

The repetitive habit of sitting for prolonged hours and inactivity is a sedentary lifestyle. If you are constantly tired, having difficulty concentrating, and noticing subtle changes in your metabolism, these are the signs that you aren’t active enough. Though this routine can have physical repercussions like obesity, heart-related issues, and arthritis, it can also affect your mental health. For instance, you may be moody and predisposed to uncontrolled outbursts. It is advisable to purchase a sit-stand desk, especially if you sit behind a laptop for hours daily. While at it, schedule walks around your neighborhood in the mornings or after work. You can also spread your chores throughout the day to have movement.


Excessive screen time

With so much engaging content to scroll through, it is easy to spend long hours on the phone when you wake up or retire to bed. However, excessive social media use has been linked to depression and anxiety. Cut back your screen time by allocating a few minutes or an hour of social surfing. Consider filling your day with wholesome activities and turning off your phone when you are spending quality time with friends and family.

Is there a habit that resonates with you? Take note of its effects and do your best to make all necessary changes. Remember to take it slow and be consistent with your new habits to live a mentally fulfilling life.

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