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tips for dressing right on a fishing trip

You might not want to look like the stereotypical old man fisher with the big puffy jacket and bright yellow windbreaker hat, but you also want to make sure that you’re not making a fool of yourself out on your fishing trip by ensuring that you’re dressed appropriately for the activity. As such, here are a few tips that can help you ensure that you’re in the right gear for the day.

Protecting Yourself From The Sun

First of all, you’re going to be outdoors so it only makes sense that you’re taking care not to let the sunburn you up something serious. Aside from a decent SPF sunscreen, you should also look at some of the UV protection hats out there that can keep your face covered. A pair of sunglasses can go a long way, as well. Just make sure your sunglasses bear the mark that shows that, yes, they actually do shield your eyes from the sunlight. There are plenty out there that do nothing but tint your vision and they should be avoided.


Make Sure Your Shirts Fit Your Needs

You can stay stylish while ensuring that you’re appropriately dressed for the exercise. Shirts and t-shirts are far from uncommon sights, especially if you’re fishing at a pier or on a boat, but you want to make sure your shirts actually do some good for your fishing. To that end, look at the performance fishing shirts that have the kind of qualities you need, such as insulating your body from the water, drying quickly, and having good thermal properties so they can more easily stay cool in the sunlight. If it’s winter, then you’re going to need additional layers, too.


What About Outerwear?

Your outerwear needs might change depending on where you’re fishing and what time of day it is. For safety, if you’re in a boat or you’re fishing in a river, then you should make sure you have some kind of flotation device accessible, but you don’t always need to wear a lifejacket when fishing. Otherwise, you are going to want a wading jacket that’s waterproof and allows you to move in the water without getting soaked or at least stay out in the weather, whatever kind of turn that it takes. You still want one of those fishing-ready shirts we mentioned in case it starts heating up and you need to lose some layers.


The Right Legwear

You can wear any manner of legwear when you’re out fishing, but you might want to choose those with the qualities that fit the environment. Jeans are a bad idea because the friction can be uncomfortable when you’re moving around a lot and, what’s more, when they get wet, they get more constricting. Fast-drying pants are the best and you might even want to consider those pants with zippers that can turn into shorts and vice versa. These are perfect if you start fishing in the heat of the day, but then need a little extra layer for your legs when it starts getting cooler.


Get A Grip

Do you need any sort of handwear? It’s not exactly essential but you will find that many fishermen recommend them. Not only can a good pair of fishing gloves help you get a better grip on your rod and reel in with more force, especially if it has been raining, but they can also be for safety. Dealing with any sharp hooks or other pointy implements, you can make sure that you keep your hands and fingers protected. There are also gloves with open fingers so that you keep a grip but still maintain all the dexterity you need.


Watch Your Footing

No matter where you fish, there is one constant, the flooring or ground is going to be wet. As such, slipping, tripping, and falling can be a major hazard and lead to serious injury, whether it’s the hard deck or a boat or the rocks or a coast. To that end, wading boots are excellent because they’re designed to have the absolute best grip to help you keep steady as best as possible. Of course, they’re also designed to let you wade out into the water without getting your feet soaked.

Hopefully, the tips above help you get an idea of what you should be wearing and why this gear is the right option for your next fishing trip. You can both look the part and be the part with the investments in the right gear.

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