Father's Day is in the rear view mirror but that doesn't mean we have to wait till the holidays to send gifts to guys we care about. There's also such a thing as self gifting, and we're not going to shame anyone who just simply wants to treat themselves to a nice box of exotic meats and salty nuts to celebrate whatever needs to be celebrated. However, we've got an opportunity to make two of you guys very happy. Sugar Plum - the company who sent us one of their Nuts & Exotic Meats Box samples, has TWO to giveaway to a pair of lucky guys so read on for more details on how you can win.

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With summer here, chances are you are out and about enjoying the sun. While some shades are purely for fashion, real men know that having the right eye protection is essential to staying safe and avoiding irreparable damage. It can also improve your performance with hunting, fishing, driving, and simply help your eyes relax better when the rest of you is laying out on the beach. The folks at Gargoyles Performance Eyewear have provided a chance for two of you guys to win some sweet shades so read on for full details!

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This is a personal travel favorite of ManTripping's since it offers a very high quality, compact, fast wireless charging solution that fits easily in his backpack and can charge two devices at once. Plus, the RapidX 2Tango Fast Wireless Charging Pad looks great too. Here's how you can win one for yourself ...

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We're back with another giveaway from RapidX ... this time we have their awesome 10W wireless charger that features a functional accent light to help make your desk, coffee table, or kitchen counter look that much more cool. Read on to learn how you can enter for a chance to win!

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We're excited to offer you guys not one, not two ... but three chances to win some awesome wireless charging gear from RapidX, including their new Modula5 Wireless Charging System.

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