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What to do with old appliances after completing a kitchen renovation

Right now is a great time to update your kitchen. Despite the obvious uneasiness that some people have with strangers working in their homes, stimulus money is flowing freely and there are some great deals out there on fridges, stoves, and other kitchen appliances. The default that most people go with is to simply let the store remove the appliances for you. While this is the most simple and easy option, is it the right way to go for you, or are there alternative things you can do with your old appliances?

Winter is upon us and many of us are still working from home, so now is the best time to do some work on your home. There are all sorts of great DIY jobs you can do in the winter, but if you are doing any big renovations, you need to think about how you dispose of the waste products. 

This is one of the things that people fail to consider when doing kitchen renovations and they find that they are stuck with a load of old appliances with no way to get rid of them. They need to be disposed of properly because some of them contain harmful chemicals and they need to be recycled. So, how are you supposed to get rid of all of those old kitchen appliances?

Find A New Use For Them In Your House

While some appliances are simply no longer useful, others are being replaced for reasons other than they no longer work. In this case, there are numerous solutions such as moving them to a second kitchen in the basement, perhaps to supplement your grilling and entertaining efforts, or just moving an old noisy refrigerator to the garage so that you can store drinks in there or goods that you only need to use occasionally.

If your appliances are particularly unique though, you might consider other decorative uses too. However, be very careful since some pieces may contain toxic chemicals that could be released as parts breakdown due to exposure to weather.

Remove Them Yourself

The next option is to remove the appliances yourself if that’s possible. You’re going to need a big vehicle, so it’s worth getting in touch with a rental company and adding a flatbed truck to your fleet for a few days so you can get rid of all of the appliances. But getting them out of the house and off the lawn is only the first step. You can’t just take them to the dump and get rid of them, they need to be recycled properly. If you get in touch with the local authorities or search online, you can find out what their process for recycling them is. Usually, there will be a waste processing center you can take them to so they can be properly disposed of.

Get The Store To Remove Them

If you are buying new appliances and you don’t know what to do with the old ones, it’s worth asking the store whether they can remove them. Often, the store where you get your new appliances will offer a service to take away the old ones on delivery. It costs you a bit more but this is one of the easiest options because you can get it all done in one go. The new appliances are dropped off and the old ones are taken and you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Sell Them Or Give Them Away 

You might be replacing appliances because they’re broken, in which case, they need to be disposed of. But if you are just giving your kitchen a makeover and buying new appliances to match, your old ones are probably still working fine. In that case, why not sell them and make a bit of extra money? This helps cover the cost of the renovations and if you specify pick up only, somebody else handles all of the removals for you. If your appliances are quite old, you might struggle to sell them, but there are still plenty of people out there that could use them. Why not see if there are any local charities that will take them and distribute them to people that need them?


Old appliances can do a lot of damage to the environment, so make sure that you pick one of these options to get rid of them properly.

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