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relax and make money living an RV lifestyle

Anyone who’s experienced the possibilities of an RV knows the freedom that comes with it. You’re not bound to a house, hotel, or a specific set of activities. You’re free to live from the land, but still have modern amenities. The challenge with living the RV lifestyle is having a consistent and reliable way of earning income to support that lifestyle. Check out some options for making some money and continuing to live life on your own terms, either full- or part-time.

Make Your RV Your Home Office

If you have an established career, see if there are options for working remotely. Whether you’re in management, if you’re an hourly employee, you may be able to perform your job, at least for a time, while on the road. If you’re going to convert your RV into an office, you’ll want to make sure you have some infrastructure in place. High-speed internet is critical, so you’ll want to plan your stays where you’ll have internet accessibility. You may want to explore obtaining a high speed hot spot with your mobile provider. Power is equally critical, so think about what you’ll need for your generator. If you prefer to be more efficient than a generator, consider what it would take to convert your power to solar. You’ll want to have a generator for backup, but you may be able to significantly cut your operating costs by running from solar.

Leverage Your Pictures

Do you love taking pictures? Did you know you can easily convert those pictures into a revenue stream? The key to this is taking videos of things people would want to use for marketing and blogs. You can easily set up an account and start selling images on sites like Getty, Shutterstock, or iStock. If you have connections to local business owners, you can do custom work. Consider partnering with a local clothing retailer, and modeling their items at sites you visit, or just relaxing while taking in the scenery. Companies want images that don’t look like the canned pictures everyone is using. Living from an RV gives you the opportunity to capture unique images, where other photographers are tied to their own area.

Become an Influencer

With a little effort, you can easily become an influencer online. This doesn’t mean you have millions of followers, or even have a string of viral content. However, what it does mean is that you have connected with a particular market who values what you offer. You’re not locked into any particular channel to develop that influence.

Your options include a YouTube channel, social media, through a blog, or even producing a podcast. The key is to develop a following where you connect with others, and they trust what you say. Just having a following doesn’t translate into revenue. You must also get sponsors of various kinds, which is easier than it sounds. Sponsors will pay you to generate content regarding their product.

You can either track down these sponsors on your own, or work through a network like Acorns, Activate, BlogDash, Hypr, and Linqia. You may also want to explore affiliate marketing opportunities, especially for brands you love. Again, you can look at individual companies you like to see if they offer affiliate opportunities. Many work through networks like CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), Amazon Associates, ClickBank, or ShareASale. The key is to find a topic you are passionate about discussing, and products you can trust. Speaking from experience is always more convincing than simply talking because someone paid you.

Become a Freelancer

Do you have a skill you enjoy or are least have a talent in executing? You very likely can turn that into some income through various freelance work. Freelance can take the form of design work, data entry, content development, web design, voice over services, virtual assistant services and more. The best way to get into freelance services is through a network. Some of the most popular networks include LinkedIn ProFinder, Fiverr, Upwork, We Work Remotely, or TextBroker.

Flip Retro Items

If you enjoy going to rummage, yard, or estate sales, you may want to develop a business finding underpriced retro items, and reselling it online. This is best if you have a particular market niche where you know about the market, what drives purchases, the product, and its potential value. Some options include retro toys, books, physical music media, or sports paraphernalia. The only thing you’ll need to make this work is a little flexible cash to purchase your items, and the space to store things until they sell. Being you can easily have things packed and shipped from any Post Office or UPS Store, you’ll be able to ship from anywhere you might be camping.

Join a Network Marketing Business

Network marketing companies allow you to focus on marketing a product you love without any of the headache of manufacturing, shipping, or even returns. Find a company with a product you trust and that also has impeccable customer service. There are reputable companies in just about every market, including health products, makeup, or services like personal development, personal finance, or personal fitness coaching.

Turn Your RV Into a Revenue Generator

Your RV is an incredible investment, especially if you have a Class A rig. If you’re not RVing full-time, you can turn your downtime into some income, making from $150 per night or more. Sites like RVshare make it easy to match you with people wanting to rent, plus provide insurance, support, and more. Forget your RV sitting in your driveway or in storage being a resource drain, and turn it into an easy revenue stream.

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