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choosing the right door for your home

Different cultures around the world have different traditions and beliefs when it comes to their home door designs. From red doors in Great Britain to hues in Asia based on Feng Shui, there is a wide range of varied symbolism associated with that ever-important front door to your home.

To most Americans, the subject of choosing the proper door to separate their home from the outside world revolves around what materials and if it should be painted white, black, or maybe a nice wood stain. However, in other parts of the world, this decision is much more complicated and is often based on deep-seated cultural beliefs and traditions.

Red Doors in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Early America

The British tradition of hanging a red door on one’s front entry dates back many centuries and is thought to have started with a Pagan belief that painting one’s door this color would ward off evil spirits. Throughout history, these vibrant colors have also been used symbolically to show hospitality – something that was particularly important in an era where strangers often journeyed on foot and relied on word-of-mouth guidance for directions. This is why many British cottages and country homes still feature bright crimson front doors.

Interestingly though, Scotland also has a tradition with painting their doors red and here it references the fact that the owner is mortgage-free.

Many Christian churches have adopted this tradition as well, though in addition to drawing it's inspiration from the pagan idea of warding off evil spirits, it also evokes a recognition of the protection that god offers instead of the sanctuary as a reference to Exodus 12:13-28 where the Hebrews marked their doors with blood as a way to let god know to pass over the home.

Feng Shui in East Asian Cultures

East Asian cultures, such as Chinese and Japanese, believe that all elements within our environment are connected by ch’i - a life force that creates harmony when balanced correctly. They, therefore, use various colors, shapes & materials to create feng shui (or good luck) within their spaces - such as certain shades of blue believed to attract wealth or green used for healing purposes.

With regards to decorating your front door this goes as far as even dictating what color it should be painted based on what direction it faces.

Other Cultures Around the World

Many other cultures also have their own door design traditions; for example – It is common for Indian households to paint intricate floral patterns on their front doors in order to welcome positive energy into the home whilst Egyptians prefer heavier-looking entrances ways made from solid wooden boards which lend an air of strength & stability!

Put Some Thought Into Picking The Proper Door, Not Just Aesthetics

Whatever cultural traditions and aesthetic design ideas you might have, picking the right front door for your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. While your HOA might have specific guidelines, chances are there are plenty of options that you can pick from.

Professional door installers from companies such as Renewal by Andersen Columbia can assist with selecting the most appropriate style and size of the front door according to your needs and provide advice on the best security features available. 

In summary, the design & color choice of your home's front door can say a lot about the culture it comes from; from how welcoming you are wanting people to feel when entering your abode - or even what kind of message you are expressing regarding your household's protection against potential harm - there is no doubt that these deep-rooted cultural values still hold strong today!

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