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giving gifts during the holiday season

Corporate gifting — the act of sending gifts to clients, prospects, advisors, partners, and employees, or anyone in your businesses sphere — is a great way to strengthen client relations, to stand out in the memory of prospects, and to let your team members know how much they mean to you.

Does your company send corporate gifts? Does it have a corporate gifting strategy — a plan that’s deployed as-and-when you reach certain benchmarks or special occasions in business?

Devising a streamlined strategy that includes the following points can really help you to stay ahead of the curve when the time comes to send a tangible gesture to corporate clients or team members:

  • Allocate a team member who is tasked with sending gifting solutions.
  • Develop a tiered budget that’s based on gifting occasions and recipients.
  • Select your go-to and dependable gifting provider.
  • Finalize the situations when you send gifts — doing so ensures that all team members and clients are treated fairly and the same.
  • Research and include data on each client to ensure you follow any internal gifting protocols and compliances they’ve implemented.

Formulating a strategy in advance will make gifting a breeze, allowing you to reap the rewards of strategic gift-giving and to revel in the joy that comes with sending a surprise token.

Once you’ve created a business strategy, here are eight occasions when it’s considered an innovative and savvy business move to send gifts to your clients and others in your business sphere.

1. Welcome Aboard

Sending a gifting solution to new clients as you welcome them aboard shows that you genuinely appreciate them and their business; they’re not another statistic or a ‘big win.’ It sets the tone for a harmonious long-term relationship and lets them know that you look forward to working and growing with them moving forward.

2. Team Member Appreciation

Whether you celebrate a high-performing team member every month, or if you treat your team members following big moments — like luring in a coveted client, wrapping up a major project or retaining a significant player — a token gifting solution can not only show your appreciation, but it can also buoy workplace output. In a study by the American Economic Association, productivity was increased by 25% for team members who received a gift.

3. Holiday Gifts

Gift-giving around the holidays is a longstanding tradition. The holidays are a personal time of year; sending a corporate gift to clients and team members shows that you appreciate them on a personal level. Holiday gifts affirm corporate connections, letting recipients know you recognize their loyalty and business. A tangible gift for team members reiterates how much you value their dedication and hard work.

In both cases, you end the year on a high note, establishing good spirits for the year ahead!

4. On an Unusual Holiday – Like National Chocolate Day

Sending unexpected yet topical corporate gifts not only lets your business connections know that you appreciate your relationship, but it also boosts your brand awareness and can even increase retention.

How? A surprising yet strategic gift reignites the relationship while keeping your business name at the forefront for the recipient — this is especially true if you include a tasteful element of corporate branding in your gift-giving solution.

It’s highly likely that upon receipt the receiver will pick up the phone or send an email to offer their thanks — providing you with an excellent check-in point. Further, a branded gift sitting on the desk in a high-traffic office never does anyone any harm.


5. Referral Gifts

Positive relations between clients and businesses are the foundation of success. If a client recommends you to one of their customers, express your gratitude with flair by sending them a corporate gift. Not only does this let them know how thankful you are, but it also lets them know that you welcome B2B connections and can lead introductions moving forward. In such cases, gift-giving will surely see a great return on investment.

6. Life Moments: Retirement, Maternity Leave, Weddings and Beyond

If a client or team member is about to embrace a monumental life moment, like getting married, a gift from the whole team is a lovely touchpoint. It shows that you not only value the recipient professionally but that you're happy for their personal successes, too.

In the case of team members, showing them that you value and see them as individuals has several benefits — one being that team morale is increased. When you, as an employer, foster a natural, genuine, and positive relationship with your team, they’re more likely to enjoy their workplace experience, increasing company loyalty and retention. In fact, 44% of employees are more likely to stay in their current role if they’re happy.

7. After Closing a Deal

If you've just closed on a deal with a client, let them know that it matters by either sending a gift following the meeting or bringing it to your final get-together. Be strategic and make sure that the gift will resonate with them.

For example, if multiple team members were involved in establishing the connection and sealing the deal, send them a gift that represents this — a gift basket that’s laden with chocolates and candies or lunch on you for the staff work well.

8. In Instances of Error

It happens: people make mistakes. If someone on your team has made an error that may affect your client relations, address it and let them know that you don’t take situations like these lightly. A carefully considered gift with a thoughtful card can certainly help to alleviate any awkwardness and potential damage.

The Takeaway on Corporate Gifts

The benefits of corporate gifting are extensive. For clients, you're strengthening your working relationship and standing out from competitors — which is especially important if there's a geographical divide. You’re setting the tone for a positive dynamic moving forward and showing your appreciation.

And for team members, sending gifts on professional and personal occasions lets them know how grateful you are for their efforts and for their input. Not only will this make them feel valued, but it can also boost productivity, loyalty, and retention — plus, being around a happy workforce is much more pleasant than being surrounded by begrudging team members.

If you’re yet to implement a corporate gifting strategy, consider this your sign to get started today; you won’t regret it.


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