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Lisbon CultureShocked Episode One

With the globe coming to terms with a new normal, it seems like everyone and their mommas are itching to get back into the skies with hopes to get #CULTURESHOCKED in faraway lands. Recently, I was fortunate enough to skip across the pond with my partner to Lisbon.

As the capital of Portugal and a major hub for great seafood, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet new folks and breathe foreign air. Upon touching down, we found ourselves nestled in a great hotel located right in the thick of the financial district of town. HF Fenix is the name, and music is their game. At around $90 USD per night, we found the spot to be a great home base for the first half of our Portuguese adventure. It's a music-based hotel, so we definitely made great use of the in-wall audio system that is cleverly placed in each room. The rooftop pool and bar is super clutch as well, as it's the perfect remedy to combat that city-exploring fatigue that we as tourists put ourselves through.

Do you like to shop? If so, Lisbon is the city for you. With open-air markets popping up on the daily, you can easily make a full day out of gift-grabbing whilst on go mode. We found ourselves at LX Factory, a posh marketplace dedicated to uniquely crafted merchandise that is oftentimes handmade. And as skaters, we were thrilled to find a lovely group called @LisbonRollers hosting one of their weekly meetups at Campo das Cebolas, a beautifully adorned open space right off the river. So check out our first day in Lisbon and leave your thoughts at the drop. More to come!

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