INFINITI Carigami Printables Perfect For Dads At Home

Carigami Printable Q50 Origami Car Perfect for Dads

Ok, so road trips are off the radar for the next few months but that doesn't mean that you can't still do some fun car stuff at home. INFINITI, drawing from its Japanese heritage and dramatic designs, is releasing a collection of INFINITI “Carigami” models. As people around the world are encouraged to stay home in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, INFINITI customers, fans and families are encouraged to discover their artistic sides, as part of the Park It For Now (#ParkitforNow) campaign.

I love how Japanese car companies (looking at you too Mazda!) revel in their Japaneseness. This seems like the perfect project that you dads staying at home right now can use to not only talk about cars with your kids but also have a conversation about different cultural traditions. Let's face it - making paper swans just isn't manly. However, with this project combining two elements of INFINITI brand DNA, it's a different story. This origami car "Carigami" is designed to demonstrate powerfully elegant design with Japanese inspired craftsmanship, with the aim to create Origami-like designs.  

A series of three different INFINITI models can be produced in 1:27 scale, replicating the design of the Q50, QX80, and the brand’s iconic FX crossover.

The project is part of the brand’s effort to encourage people to stay at home to contain the spread of COVID-19, by providing a free creative outlet for customers and fans.

All three models will be available for download at

With a printer at home, some paper, a craft knife and glue, users can simply print the templates and assemble their own version of the popular vehicles.

The team who created the project embraced the playful spirit of the concept when producing content, including capturing a scaled-down “at home reveal” of the vehicles on a record turntable (in place of the typical design revolve). The aim is to inspire users who are seeking for a creative outlet as they practice social distancing at home.

Starting with the Q50, the QX80 and the FX Carigami model templates will be progressively available to download via Users are encouraged to upload images of their efforts to social media with the hashtags #ParkitforNow #Carigami.

infinity carigami q50 origami car template printable for dads

Download the INFINITI Q50 Origami Template


Download the INFINITI QX80 Origami Template (coming soon)


Download the INFINITI FX Origami Template (coming soon)


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