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family vacation time on a ski trip

Most parents are keenly aware of what it’s like to travel with their children. They may be a pro at constructing and deconstructing their travel crib, using portable heaters to warm up and sterilize bottles and baby food, and choosing excellent accommodations that are more than equipped for the inevitable crying of a little one.

Things change, of course, when your children grow into adults, and you hope to enjoy a vacation with your adult children for the first time. This isn’t to say the experience is brand new to you, odds are you’ve seen your children develop into adults so it’s not as if you’re heading abroad with complete strangers.

That said, some differences present themselves at this time, and that’s why it’s wise to make a few alterations to your usual plans. Hint: perhaps this is the time for you to enjoy a treat, as opposed to continually gifting them to your little ones.

Top Vacation Ideas For Families With Adult Children

If you are looking for some ideas to help kick-start the vacation planning, here are some of our top ideas for a family vacation with adult children!

National Park Adventure:

Hiking, wildlife viewing, and camping in a national park can create lasting memories. This allows the family to enjoy nature's beauty and offers opportunities for parents and adult children to share a common experience, promoting unity and understanding.

European River Cruise:

Cruising the rivers of Europe provides a relaxed, scenic, and educational experience. It's a great way for the family to explore different cultures and histories together, fostering intellectual conversations and shared learning experiences.

Cooking Vacation in Italy:

This is a unique way to bond over the love of food and learn new skills together. It provides a chance to explore the culinary traditions of Italy, taste local cuisine, and spend quality time together preparing meals.

African Safari:

A safari trip provides a thrilling adventure and a unique bonding experience. It's an opportunity for the family to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, inspiring awe and appreciation for nature's wonders.

Eco Resort or Yoga Retreat:

A yoga retreat or a stay at an Eco Resort allows the family to focus on wellness and relaxation. It's a chance for parents and their adult children to recharge, improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and foster deeper connections.

Historical Tour:

Visiting historical sites in cities like Rome, Athens, or Cairo can be an enriching experience. It provides an educational journey where family members can learn about ancient civilizations and their significance in modern society.

Wine Tasting Tour:

Exploring vineyards and participating in wine tasting sessions can be a fun and educational experience. It allows the family to learn about different types of wine, their production process, and enjoy some quality family time in scenic vineyards.

Ski Trip:

A ski trip provides an opportunity for shared physical activity and adventure. Whether beginners or seasoned skiers, the family can enjoy the thrill of the slopes together, promoting teamwork and creating unforgettable memories.

Volunteer Vacation:

Participating in a volunteer vacation can be a rewarding experience. It allows the family to give back to the community, foster a sense of gratitude, and learn about different cultures and lifestyles.

Family reunion:

While this can take the form of pretty much any of the ideas above, a family reunion is a great opportunity for you as parents to help help your children connect with cousins, uncles, and other relatives that can help enrich your children's lives by exposing them to new ideas and new people in other areas.

Your Adult Children Have Their Own Lives And Family Schedules

No matter the fact that your daughter will always be daddy's little girl - when planning your family vacation it is important to respect the fact that your adult children no have their own lives, family schedules, and other constraints that make planning a family vacation that much more challenging. 

This is why communication is key when organizing a family vacation involving your adult children. Include them in the decision-making process from the beginning, asking for their input regarding dates, destinations, and activities. Understand that they may have work commitments, children's school schedules, or other personal obligations that may affect their availability. Your daughter may not be able to join every family outing as she used to, but that doesn't mean she values them any less. By showing flexibility and understanding, you will not only make the planning process smoother, but also ensure that everyone feels valued and included. It is about creating a meaningful experience that respects everyone's individual needs and circumstances, while still fostering those precious family bonds.

Opt For Larger, More Comfortable Accommodation

It’s important to opt for larger and more comfortable vacation when you head abroad with children, and you’ll find this is more possible with extended hotel stays and apartments such as those offered in Baltimore by MyRoost, https://www.myroost.com/extended-stay-hotel-baltimore. Here you can rent out a larger apartment together, or perhaps opt for more deluxe suites at hotels. Giving everyone the privacy they need, and balancing between family connections and adult privacy is key.

Let Them Shape The Schedule

For many kids, it’s a point of pride to head out on their first vacation with their parents as adults. They may wish to set some surprises and help you get the best of the vacation. They may also wish to head to restaurants and treat you, to help with the costs, and show you the love you showed them during their childhood. It can be hard to break out of this provider line of thinking if you’re used to caring for your children but don’t be afraid to let them show you a good time, as it can help them feel great and bring you closer together as a family.

Head Somewhere Familiar

It can be lovely to ease into the vacationing experience by heading to a location you’re familiar with. Perhaps this might be a ski lodge that you haven’t been to in ten years, a beach house that you shared wonderful memories, or a lake that comprised most of your early family adventuring. It can be rewarding for both parties to explore this new location at different age ranges, and it allows you to enjoy one another’s company without necessarily making a million decisions about logistics and priorities each day. There’s no better way to settle into the company of someone you care for, and you can have a good laugh about the old days too.

With this advice, you’re sure to enjoy a fantastic vacation with your adult children for the first time.

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