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how to talk with your child about cheating and ai writing tools

Cheating on term papers is a reality that no parent wants to confront and yet it is something that happens all too often in today’s digital world. ChatGPT is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can provide almost instantaneous answers to test questions, something that could be used by students to quickly get the answers they need without doing the research themselves. It can also write entire essays that can be compiled together to create a term paper. As a father, it’s important to stay informed about the latest technologies and trends so you can help your child make wiser decisions when it comes to studying for exams. Here are some tips on how dads can help stop their children from cheating with chatGPT and similar AI tools.

A Brief History Of AI Writing Tools Like ChatGPT

AI writing tools have been around for a while now, but they became increasingly popular in the early 2020s with the release of services such as Rytr, Jasper, and ChatGPT. These services use natural language processing algorithms to generate text based on user input. They can answer simple questions, produce accurate reports and even create entire essays or term papers without any human input.

Be Aware Of The Possibilities Of Cheating

In order to prevent students from cheating with AI writing tools like ChatGPT, it’s important for parents to understand how these technologies work and what risks they pose. It’s also important to be aware that these tools are becoming more sophisticated over time and are being used in more and more areas. Make sure to have an open conversation with your child about the dangers of using these tools as it could lead to serious consequences, such as expulsion from school or a tarnished academic record.

How To Detect AI-Generated Content Your Child May Write

One of the most important steps in preventing your child from cheating with ChatGPT or other AI writing tools is to be able to detect if they are using these services. Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer from CustomWritings.com shares some tips to help dads tell if an essay or term paper was generated by an AI tool:

1. Look for keyword repetition, which may indicate that the text was created by an algorithm.

2. Check for grammar and spelling errors, which often occur when AI-generated content is compiled together from multiple sources.

3. Read the text closely to see if it contains any information that would be difficult for a student alone to research.

4. Ask your child about their work and ask them to explain complex points in detail, as AI-generated content may not be able to provide comprehensive answers.

Several AI companies are also working to produce AI writing detectors that teachers as well as parents can use to help identify content that may have been written using AI writing tools. It is VERY important to note though that even if these tools indicate that the paper or essay being evaluated indicates a high probability that it might have been created by AI, this should not be a final determination.

The reverse is true as well.

Several factors can influence the result such as using tools like Grammarly as well as just plain old poor writing skills. That's why you should use the four points above to help guide you if you suspect academic dishonesty.

Help Your Child Avoid Cheating Using AI Writing Tools

Now that you’re aware of the dangers associated with AI writing tools, here are a few ways you can help your child avoid cheating:

Monitor Technology Use

The best way to ensure that your child isn't using chatGPT while studying and taking tests is by monitoring their technology use. Set rules around acceptable hours for them to be on their devices and regularly check up on what they're doing online. Talking openly with your kids about their digital activities is also important; let them know why you have expectations around device usage and remind them of the consequences if these limits are broken (like confiscating gadgets!).

Discuss Academic Integrity

Talk to your kids about the importance of academic integrity, which includes not plagiarism or cheating in any form. Explain why it’s wrong and why it won’t benefit them long-term if they get caught engaging in unethical activities—such as getting expelled or having future job prospects impacted negatively.

Offer Alternatives

You should also provide alternative options for studying such as encouraging better organization methods (using flashcards), providing access to educational resources like textbooks or websites, helping set realistic goals for each class period, and even offering rewards when they reach those goals! This will show them that there are many ways of approaching a subject aside from just using chatGPT—and this may help dissuade them from making bad choices down the line!

Make Sure They Understand Proper Essay Structure and Elements

One thing that most AI tools still fail to do well is include accurate facts, personal opinions, and language that has emotion. Computers are excellent at emulating humans and have a depth of knowledge that is beyond that of any human in history. However, they also lack empathy and still struggle with context.

So, when you have them create content - even if they use an AI writing tool to help them create ideas, structure, topics to discuss etc (all of which I consider 100% valid and that I use daily) - they know what to include in the paper so that it is something that THEY WROTE vs just turning in something that they asked someone else to write for them.

This is a very important distinction because it is the same way that I view essay writing services as well. If you are simply asking someone to write a paper for them, that is academically dishonest and should be treated as such. However, if you know what you want to say, have the knowledge, but simply need help expressing it properly ... well ... then maybe an AI writing tool can be an important thing to have access to.

Lead By Example

Ultimately, one of the most powerful methods of teaching proper behavior is by example; be sure to demonstrate good academic habits yourself by reading books or articles on an array of topics relevant to conversations at home or work! Showing your children firsthand what hard work looks like may make all the difference in the long run!

Don't Demonize AI Writing Tools!

AI writing tools are extremely important and helpful tools to accelerate one's ability to record their thoughts and perspectives in a written form. While parents should be adamant about teaching their kids the difference between plagiarism or cheating by turning in an unedited output created by an AI writing tool, they shouldn't make the student feel like AI tools are completely forbidden.

The reason for this is that tools like this are rapidly integrating them into our daily lives and quite frankly you can't stop them from being used.

At a fundamental level, AI writing tools are no different than the Cliff Notes summaries you may have used or those exams that you might have purchased off kids from the year ahead of you in school. This is your chance to have a conversation about academic honesty, hard work, and the value of original thought.

These conversations will ultimately help your son or daughter grow up to be the young man or woman that you want them to be.

While you may feel powerless against new technologies like chatGPT, there are plenty of steps that dads can take to help prevent cheating from happening. It starts with talking openly about academic integrity and leading by example before taking measures like monitoring tech use and providing alternatives for studying.

If you approach the subject in a careful way that allows your kids to ask questions and share their thoughts then it will be a fabulous opportunity for you to help shape their future in a way that will make you proud!

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