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how men can create stronger peer bonding relationships

We men often have a hard time establishing strong bonds with other men unless we've gone to war - figuratively or litterally - with other men. These type of traumatic experiences tend to catalyse the male gender and force us to come together since our lives quite literally depend on working together and force us to put aside rivalries, prejudices, and other barriers that we are burdened with on a daily basis. While men can be drinking buddies, occasionally hang out and talk over the phone when it’s necessary, few of us ever take time to cultivate meaningful relationships with their peers.

Most men look for each other over the weekends because they need someone to hang out with. Sometimes, men don’t even look for each other but coincidentally find each other at a popular place, have fun, then leave at leisure. 

It’s important to build meaningful friendships with your peers. You get to know each other better, share goals and build each other up. For instance, when your friends know you well, you will be the first to get a recommendation they think will benefit your business. Also, have friends who will have your back when things get tough. Here are a few things that can strengthen your bond

Do Fun Activities Together

It pays to create time for fun activities. Partying or weekend binge drinking will not build meaningful friendships but think of fun activities you can all participate in, enjoy and get to know each other better. 

Fishing is an excellent activity you will all love. Buy fishing items and learn how using the Texas rig to catch bass fish will make your day more fruitful. Choose an easily accessible sport, pick a day when everyone will be available and a time. You can even choose to bring along your family members to get to know each other better. 

Arrange a Vacation

Spending days away from family and work can be fun, relaxing, and a chance to know each other better. It might take a lot of time to decide and plan the perfect getaway, but it will be worthwhile. If you don’t have many days to spare, plan the trip on a long weekend. Three days together are enough to stir up a bond that will unite you for life.

To make the trip meaningful, make sure everyone participates in planning and suggesting activities. Also, accommodate each other’s tastes and financial capabilities. Don’t choose costly hotels if some of your friends can’t afford them. Also, don’t promise to pay for the trip, but let everyone chip in. It will boost their self-esteem and confidence. 

Help Your Friends

Actions speak louder than words. Your commitment to friendship will be tested when your friends are in problems or need you. Get time to check on your friends and assist however you can when they are in difficulties. If one of your friends is going through a rough relationship, talk to them and offer advice.

Do you have a friend who lost a job? Pass job opportunities their way and make sure they still enjoy your company even when they don’t have the money to do it. You can offer to clear their bill without letting your other friends know. 

If you notice one of your friends doesn’t want to spend time with you, reach out. Probably they are facing challenges but don’t know how to approach you. 

As you create a small and tight circle, you’ll be happier and more confident as you have true friends by your side.

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