Health Benefits Men Can Experience From A Bromance

here are some health benefits of a bromance

Every guy has that one friend that everyone jokes they’re in a ‘bromance’ with. Well, it turns out the joke is on them because having a sterling ‘bromance’ is one of the healthiest things a man can do for himself. Just take a look at the following benefits of strong make friendship.


A Bromance Can Help Relieve Stress

Having a best buddy is one of the best ways to lower stress levels in men. Guys who spend time with their best bro during stressful life events are able to decrease their cortisol levels, even when the dodgy sexist jokes make an appearance, and since that is a prime cause of stress in humans, that can only be a good thing.


It Allows You To Open Up

These days, it is not too unusual for men to open up about their emotions and mental health experiences, but it is still seen as a taboo in some circles. Men who have a best buddy are far more likely to open up to him than they are anyone else, which means they are accessing the kind of peer support that they may otherwise not have access to or feel comfortable with.


A Bromance Can Help You Stick To Health and Fitness Goals

If you exercise with your best buddy, chances are you’ll show up more often, push yourself harder and ultimately get fitter. Why? Because exercising with a partner makes you accountable. You don’t want to let your buddy down by blowing your gym session off and you definitely don’t want him to think that you can’t keep up, so you do your best gym work when you’re with him.


It’ll Make You Smarter

As you get older, having a solid group of friends around you is really important. If you have a good buddy or two you can hang with as you both get old together, you’ll be less lonely, and less likely to develop illnesses like dementia. Your bromance could literally slow your cognitive decline, isn’t that neat?


You’ll Feel Understood

Many men find it difficult to be emotionally close to anyone other than their spouse. If, however, you have a bromance, according to a study from the UK, you can find another source of emotional stability and social fulfillment, which means even if you are single or you have a bad breakup you will have someone around who understands you, and who you can talk to. Basically, YouTube bro will have your emotional back and this will make for a far healthier you.


Having a Close Male Relationship Can Help With Mental Health

Some studies have shown that spending time with your best bro is able to release oxytocin into your bloodstream, and since that is one chemical known to lower pain levels and speed up the body’s healing, you know you’re going to want your best bro by your side when you’re feeling bad. 

Oh, and oxytocin can make you a better father by encouraging you to bond better with your family too, so next time your spouse doesn’t want you to go out with the guys, you have a great excuse!

Bromances are important, so be proud of yours.

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