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adventurous getaways for non adventure men

It's time to pack your bags and head out on a weekend getaway! You may be thinking that you need to plan an epic, rugged adventure in order for it to be a memorable trip. But don't let the fear of heights or lack of experience with wilderness survival trips stop you from having an adventurous weekend away. We've got some ideas for activities that are easy enough for anyone to give them a try.

There are a lot of ways to explore the world and explore your interests. It’s so important to have hobbies - it can keep you well-rounded and grounded. It’s safe to say that you could try out different new hobbies or stick to what you love. All that matters is that, whatever you choose, you should give yourself the time and space to do so. This is why you might want to try and get back into the adventurous activities that you love.

 There are many reasons why we might have stopped pursuing our hobbies and one of the most common is that we don’t have the time for them anymore (along with the cost of affording them). Life gets busy, for sure, but you still need time for you. One way to stay connected with our hobbies and interests is by making more time for it. If you’re someone that loves the great outdoors and adventure, then maybe you’ve been missing it? It could be time to rekindle your love for it once again.

It may be difficult to find the time, but if we can find a way to make this happen, it can do wonders for our mental health. Getting back into your hobbies can provide a mental break from the rigors of life. You know that being outdoors and adventurous, exploring the things you love can be so great for you - mentally and physically. Plus, there’s such a benefit to being more outdoorsy again. The benefits of engaging in adventurous hobbies are manifold. Hiking, biking, skiing, and camping are all great for your mind and body. So let’s look at ways to get back into your hobbies.


Go Winter Camping

Camping is a great way to disconnect from the world and enjoy nature. It's also a chance to get away from your everyday life, which can be therapeutic in its own right. It can be great to go with your friends and have some quality bonding time and a good time. While most folks look at camping as a warm weather activity best enjoyed during spring, summer, or fall ... winter camping is a great opportunity to try something new.

While you will want to prepare and avoid back country camping, try it at a local campground or national park where you can escape to the relative warmth of your car if the gear you prepared isn't up to the task. 

When you go camping, you need all the supplies necessary for the trip. This includes food, water, shelter, cooking utensils and more. There are many different options for camping equipment depending on what type of camping you're doing (backcountry vs car-camping) and where you're going (the mountains vs the beach).

The same is true when winter camping but you'll want to make sure you have the right supplies for that as well.


Join An Adventure Club

Another way to get more adventurous is to join a camping or adventure club or even an online group based on this interest. It is important to find a group of people who share your passions and hobbies and even if you are new, this is a great way to learn. It is no secret that when you join a club, you will be more encouraged to do the activities.  

Ideally, you'll be able to find local groups in your city or town and if there's no one in your area, why not start an adventure group with friends and family? The best way to find clubs for mountain biking or hiking is to search online through online forums or social media pages for clubs around you. Not only is it fun, but joining a club can be an excellent way to meet new people that have the same interests as you.


Do A Survival Weekend

An adventure survival weekend is a great way to experience different survival situations in a controlled environment. It can help you to get back into the things that you love to do too. Adventure survival weekends are held all over the country. Just research what you need to take, like a mens tactical backpack and supplies, and find a program. Participants go through a series of challenges and tasks which test their skills of survival. They also learn about primitive skills and ways people used to survive eons ago. A lot of people find these adventures exhilarating - it could be just what you need right now.

The benefits from an adventure survival weekend are many: a sense of accomplishment, better understanding of one’s self and good old fashioned fun, new skills learnt and the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. The experience will also make you feel more confident in yourself and in your abilities because overcoming challenges will allow you to take on future endeavors with more ease and self-assurance.


Take An Guided Adventure Vacation

Adventure vacations are a great way to spend some time outdoors and get in touch with the wild. One of the many reasons why people choose to go on an adventure vacation is because it is a great way to escape from their busy life and reconnect with themselves. But it can also help you to rekindle your hobbies and get your whole family involved too.

A wilderness adventure trip can be anything from a camping trip in the woods, to skiing in the mountains, or surfing in Costa Rica. There are many different ways one can enjoy nature and see things that they might not see anywhere else! Look into different vacation packages and see what’s right for you.


Do Survival Training

Survival training courses are not only for the military. They are for people with a sense of adventure and want to push themselves to their limits. But they can also be seen as a valuable skill, as it helps you to be more aware of what could happen if you were in an emergency situation or faced danger. A survival training course will teach you how to find water, build shelter, and even navigate using just a map and compass.

Undertaking a training course is an excellent way to learn the skills you need to survive in any type of situation. But it can also be fun for you when you know that you want to develop your skills and thrive in a situation you enjoy.

Even Mountain Men Started Somewhere!

You don’t need to be an outdoorsy mountain man in order to enjoy the great outdoors. There are plenty of adventurous weekend getaway ideas that you can try, even if it is your first time getting out onto nature's majesty without a guide or instructor. You will never know what kind of experiences await you outside until you take that leap and explore on your own terms; we hope this article has helped inspire some new adventures for your next trip away from home.

Take care of yourself and make sure you keep these tips in mind before embarking on any outdoor adventure: always bring enough food and water with you, wear appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions, pack extra clothes just in case something happens, and ALWAYS let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back!

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