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Dressing Tips For A Man's First Day At Work

Starting a new job is always nerve-wracking. You want to make a good impression on your new boss and coworkers, but you also don't want to stand out in a bad way. One of the most important things to worry about on the first day is your outfit. Here are some tips for dressing sharp on your first day at work!

As much as the first day of school is a nerve wracking one, your first day of a new job is even worse. If you just graduated from college and you’re about to step into a new role, you want to make an excellent impression on your first day. One of the best ways to make a good impression is to make sure that you are sartorially prepared.

Yes, this means that you need to be ready with your clothing on the morning of your first day of work. You can sift through the mens suits in your closet, or you can stick to the smart casual attire because most offices allow you to work from home, either way you need to look and feel smart. It’s actually one of the hardest things to do – get ready for your first day of work. It may not sound like it, but if it’s a new workplace you’re going to have anxiety about what you need to wear and who will be wearing what. Below, we have three excellent tips for dressing for your first day of work so that you don’t show up and embarrass yourself.

Overdressing Is Not A Bad Idea On Your First Day

Always overdress on your first day. Unless you have been specifically told to work in casual clothing, go in with the suit.

People will perceive you differently on your first day of work if you are not fitting in, but if you show up to a new business in jeans when you should be wearing a tailored suit? That’s not a good thing.

If you want to feel powerful and confident, make sure you dress up and stay away from things like jeans. Dress as if you are coming in for a second interview because even if the vibe is casual on your first day you will know for the future. Plus, you can always take off the tie and let go of the blazer if it’s a casual vibe in the office and still pretty smart.


Select An Outfit That Looks Better Than You Think You Need

Wear something high-quality. The way you dress at your job matters, and whether the office is business casual or full on suits and shoes, always pick quality items.

Quantity helps for fast fashion that’s cheap, but you don’t want to look cheap. Instead of buying a discount suit, pay out for the tailored version. You will never regret a tailored look when you’re supposed to be wearing suits to work, and when you’re wearing something high-quality you feel more confident and that emanates from you while you are at work.


New, Well Fitting, Comfortable Clothes Are A Must

You should also make sure that everything fits you well and is comfortable. The last thing you want to be thinking about on your first day is how your clothes feel, so take care of that before the big day.

If you need to, buy a new suit or get your old one tailored so it fits better. The same goes for your shoes - make sure they are comfortable and broken in so you can focus on your work and not your aching feet. Even if you've established that your work environment is casual - make sure your jeans aren't torn, ripped, or faded and that goes for your shirt as well.

For instance, if the expected level of dress is jeans and a polo - it would be a good idea for your first day at work outfit to include new clothes because this will not only look good but project an impression to others that are you serious and professional.


Avoid Any Accessories That Might Lead People To Make Judgements About You

While there are certain cause pins, ribbons, even American Flag lapel pins that are completely acceptable at work - on your first day it would be a good idea to avoid any of these as part of your outfit.

Even sports team logos can allow someone to get the wrong impression.

Your goal during the first day is to have people see nothing objectionable about you while you give them a chance to get to know you and what you can contribute to the team.

Review Any Relevant Human Resources Dress Code Documents

Most businesses will have some sort of dress code in their human resources documents. This is especially important if you are starting a job in a law firm, hospital, or other business with a more specific dress code.

Make sure you take the time to review these documents so you know what is and isn't acceptable to wear on your first day.


Think Back To When You Interviewed - What Were People Wearing?

If you are unsure about the dress code, take a look back at when you interviewed.

What were the people who worked there wearing? If everyone was in suits - it's a good idea to show up in one as well. Even if the person who interviewed you wasn't in a suit, but the rest of the office was - it's still a good idea to overdress rather than underdress for your first day.

It's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared and that applies to your clothing as well.

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