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How Does a Twitter Party Work?

The Twitter Party host (us) will work with the sponsor (you) to develop the goals and objectives for the party including a creative brief that will be the basis for engaging panelists, creating questions, crafting promotional tweets, and securing prizing. During this process, the sponsor will have 100% authority to review and approve questions, recomend hashtags, keywords, and confirm blogger panelists who will act as Twitter Party co-hosts.

One week before the Twitter Party, the host will publish an RSVP page on this site that will function as the hub for all activities related to the party. This landing page will contain key details on how to join the Twitter Party, links to the brand pages to be promoted, as well as any other custom information such as videos and images you are looking to promote.

Leading up to the Twitter Party, the Twitter Party host and co-hosts will publish a series of promotion tweets encouraging people to visit the RSVP page for the Twitter Party and register for a chance to win prizes.

On the day of the Twitter Party, the host will share a series of questions from @MenWhoBlog. In turn, co-hosts will Re-Tweet those questions giving it a massive reach that would be unachievable otherwise. All guests will be following the conversation by monitoring the official hashtag for the conversation.

Guests and co-hosts will then answer the questions. Attendees will also engage in the coversation by answering, RT'ing, or otherwise contributing and using the hashtag stream to ensure that their tweets are seen by others attending the party.

During the party, a co-host will also be assigned to support the host as we execute the drawing and confirmation of winners so that this process is entirely turn-key for you. This allows brands to focus entirely on engaging with the people in attendance including responding to questions and building relationships with those social influencers in attendance.