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RapidX Modula5 wireless charging system

We're excited to offer you guys not one, not two ... but three chances to win some awesome wireless charging gear from RapidX, including their new Modula5 Wireless Charging System.

 This Modula5 bundle includes both a wireless charging pad for your Apple Watch as well as a wireless charging pad 

About The Modula5 Phone and Watch Pod Bundle:

The Phone Pod can be used to charge any Qi-Enabled device, with the option to chain up to 7 pods at once! (5 Phones Maximum) Charge your iPhone, AirPods, Android device and more. To charge your device, simply center & lay the back of your device down on the pod. A green charging indicator light will illuminate when a device is detected and charging.

The Watch Pod was designed for Apple Watch Series 1-6 and includes a shortened MFI-certified Magnetic Charger pre-installed. To charge your Apple Watch, simply lay your Watch down on the connector with the bands open. Additionally, to charge your device in Nightstand Mode, flip up the charging stand and place your Watch on its side. 


Enter For A Chance To Win Gear From RapidX

We will be conducting three separate giveaways, entries do not carry over from one to the next, so make sure to enter all three! We will be posting the other two giveaways on the date they go live.

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RapidX Modula5 Charging System Giveaway