Kia TurboCharged Weekend in Milwaukee! #MenWhoBlogWI

We did it again! For a few days, Milwaukee, Wisconsin became our playground ... baseball, beer, brats, bikes, bands, and of course an incredible race at Road America. Milwaukee is a fabled land where men are still men and we were thrilled to explore it ...

Below is a collection of posts and a social feed produced from this Kia TurboCharged Weekend. We invite you to follow along below, RT, share, engage with us as we explore the best that Milwaukee has to offer, including Brats, Beer, Craft Soda, Auto Racing, Harley Davidson Museum, Baseball, "The Bronze Fonz", and of course ... all those "unexpected" things that can happen when 4 friends come together to do some awesome stuff together :)

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Bloggers On This Trip Include:

James -

Kia TurboCharged Guys Weekend in Milwaukee

Leon's Frozen Custard

What's On Tap at Lakefront Brewery

Kia Racing - Driving Great Causes Forward ...


Jeff -

Kia Racing and the Pirelli World Challenge

Great Hotels: The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee


Philip -

Cars of the Pirelli World Challenge

The Harley-Davidson-Museum

Iron Horse Hotel

Ballpark Grub at Miller Park

Meet the Kia Racing Optima Turbos


Rick -

The Kia Racing Team Made a Fan Out of Me


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