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Suggestions needed for baseball gifting help for husband.

"I know my husband loves baseball, do you have any suggestions for what I might get him for his birthday or how I can ask him for hints without telling him why I'm asking?" - submitted by an anonymous female reader

Thank you for writing! Gift giving for a guy can be very challenging for women and this is especially true when it comes to items related to hobbies and sports such as baseball. However, this is your opportunity to show that you care about his interests and know exactly what he will love to receive from you for his birthday

Some Tips To Find Out What Gifts He Wants, Without Asking Him

Despite the fact that most men think they are easy to shop for, most women believe guys can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect gift for. In part, this is due to the differences in how men and women think when it comes to shopping for gifts. Most men are actually very direct and practical with their interests. Women on the other hand often try to take these things and make it in to the perfect gift to show just how much they care ... when all the guy wanted is that simple thing he had in mind.  Here are some conversation starters to find out more about what the man in your life might be wanting ...

1)  If you know he likes baseball but maybe he has a favorite team that is different than where you live, ask him where he wishes he could go see a game other than at home.

2) Ask him if he ever played baseball when he was a kid and if he has any memories from then. You should especially listen for player names that might be special to him.

3) While walking down the street or watching TV if you see a jersey style, hat, or other clothing item, simply ask him what he thinks of that style.

4) Baseball gifts will fall into a few different categories - Players, Stadiums, Teams. Within these three areas, unless there is something extremely specific on his list, most baseball living guys will be happy with something that matches their interest. For instance, a baseball jersey for their favorite team with their name printed on the back, dirt or a piece of their favorite baseball stadium, or even something like a ball, bat, glove, or jersey used or signed by their favorite player.

Let's see what the Ask The Men guys have to say in terms of helping you find the perfect baseball gift for your husband!

Kevin from PubClub.com

The best thing you can get your baseball-loving husband is a team jersey. Sit down with him when he's watching a game on TV and causally ask "who's your favorite player?" Then go to the team store on its website and buy him that jersey. If he already has one, look for other items he does not own. Either that or see if you can find mini-fridge with the team's logo. And then fill it with beer.

Mike from TheGentlemanRacer.com

Nokona is the last maker of professional baseball gloves in the USA and they also make some great leather accessories like their belts which are used by many professional teams, they can be custom-designed in his favorite team colors and even add his favorite player's number or his initials. They also offer college baseball colors as well.

Chad from UnfinishedMan.com

Here's a trick I started using a few years ago, because I'm terrible at picking gifts. I keep a document on my phone for anyone that's important to me, and when I hear a person talk about something they like a few times, I make a note. By the time that person's birthday rolls around, I've got a big list of ideas. This makes the process MUCH easier.

James from ManTripping.com

If you have a big budget, plan a weekend getaway to watch his favorite baseball team in a away game setting. Another idea that works well for most guys would be to get a piece of memorabilia from his favorite stadium. We have a list of baseball gift ideas where you can see more suggestions too.

Buying a gift for your favorite baseball fan might seem daunting initially, but try not to over think it. 

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