After eating what felt like rubber for most of my life, I felt it was time for a new method to cook my fries. That’s when I stumbled across some very positive reviews for an elite air fryer that would be exactly what I needed. Instant Pot’s Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is America’s number 1 most loved multicooker – and for good reason. Whether you’re super into cooking and need a dozen functions and options to sizzle up and serve your favorite dish; or you’re like me and you’re just sick of tasting silicone sticks instead of fries – seriously, it’s like bark but with less flavor – then this fryer is precisely what you need. The 11-in-1 functionality does far more than you could hope for, and goes above and beyond. The Instant Pot alone has many creative options, but this one swaps out the pressure cooker


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