The Use of Cyberpunk Drugs

Unfinished Man Health of the game And we’re not talking about the bugs here, but the drugs. After completing the prologue in Cyberpunk 2077, you’re thrown right into the open world with all its mischief and exciting combat – some of it more challenging than other parts. Of course, the harder the challenge, the more damage you sustain from your health bar; and the more damage you take, the more you need to heal. The first, most common drug you’ll come across is the MaxDoc Mk.1, which instantly restores 40% of the player’s health. There are also rare and epic versions of this consumable item: the MaxDoc Mk.2 and MaxDoc Mk.3, restoring 60% and 80% of the player’s health respectively. Everyone’s playthrough is different, but in mine I found myself inhaling MaxDoc several times per fight, meaning that you might quite literally need drugs to survive in this game. The Bounce


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