Posters We gotta start with the classics. Posters look great, especially if you want to support and display your favorite movies. They’re large so they have a lot of coverage. And they’re also pretty cheap given the amount of quality they bring. For marketing, posters are the go-to. In large numbers and sizes, they’re pretty affordable with such broad coverage, they’re flexible, quick to produce, and thrive in brevity. And even for personal use, if none of the other options tickle your fancy, then posters are a good jack-of-all-trades all around solid choice that you can’t really go wrong with. Murals Usually in the form of wallpaper or vinyl wrap, wall murals will cover most, if not your entire wall, with style and substance. Think of them as like a custom green screen that transports you to scenery that your originally plain wall wouldn’t usually possess. Murals can vary


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