Cities and communities today wouldn’t have appeared the way they are if not for steel. Since its discovery in 1800 B.C., this sturdy marriage of iron and other elements has allowed homes and office buildings to better stand the test of time. It has even enabled incredible feats of engineering, bridging continents separated by vast seas or holding a city’s worth of people for a soccer game.  One area steel has trouble seeing widespread use is in home construction. If past major hurricanes have revealed something, it’s that most homes in the U.S. aren’t made of steel, let alone built on a steel framework. A Katrina-level hurricane can wipe out entire suburbs whose homes lack steel’s strength and durability.  But, why aren’t more houses being built with steel?  Perhaps, it’s not the wondrous building material you’ve always believes. Below is an in-depth look into the subject. Overcoming Hurdles For


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