0 Murali is Founder / CEO at Hana Florist POS and SnapBlooms.com This year, even more so than in year’s past, women are inspiring others through their work, advocacy, and influence. In the context of the pandemic, many women have taken on more daily roles than before – math tutor, at-home chef, children’s playmate, protector from unseen enemies. Women do a lot to not only lift up their households and closer communities, but also work tirelessly to hold up society at large. This is seen today as women are at the frontline of the battle against COVID-19, making up almost 70% of the healthcare workforce. No matter the reason, if there is a woman in your life that you would like to honor there is no better time than during International Women’s Month. International Women’s Day (IWD) is March 8th and dates back to 1911. The United Nations officially

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