Celebrate Christmas the International Way - with Pyrotechnics

Unfinished Man Fireworks at Christmas? It might sound a little weird to some people, but in many parts of the world, fireworks are a cherished Christmas tradition. For example, in Peru, everyone lights off fireworks for a solid couple of hours on Christmas Eve. Christmas fireworks are also popular in Colombia, El Salvador, and Mexico; you can even find Christmas fireworks shows planned in many parts of the U.S., like at Disney parks and ski resorts, and in the state of Louisiana. This year, when Christmas celebrations look so different than normal, fireworks can be a great way to make the holiday memorable, maintain a socially distant gathering outdoors, and cheer up kids and adults alike. Here’s how to put on your own fireworks show at home this Christmas. Make Sure You Have the Space Local fireworks displays might be canceled this year, as many locations enter a second round of

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