Bankrate’s 2021 January Financial Security Index findings prove one thing: Americans need help building their nest eggs. Bankrate asked respondents if they could cover an unexpected $1,000 bill. A full 61% said they couldn’t without pulling additional strings, like cutting back on everyday expenses. In fact, plenty of people barely have anything resembling a “slush fund,” particularly after 2020’s global pandemic. If you can sympathize, you’ll be pleased to learn you’re not without options.The economy is showing signs of regaining balance. As it moves toward pre-coronavirus levels, focus your attention on personal wealth-building. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of cash upfront in order to begin boosting your finances. Below are a handful of methods to get yourself in a more comfortable financial situation. Try the ones that suit you and your lifestyle best. For a long time, real estate has remained a prudent investment vehicle.


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