#BlockAdvisors The Importance of a Year-Round Tax Advisor

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It's almost the end of "Tax Season", so we're going to be celebrating a bit and sharing tips, tricks, and advice to make things even easier next year. We'll be joined by the folks from @BlockAdvisors to share some of their professional advice as well as how they can help small business owners be more prepared to face financial challenges not just every spring - but throughout the year.

Block Advisors is more than just a "one and done" tax service and they believe in establishing a dependable relationship with their clients to provide advice all year round for those of us who are self-employed. This, of course, includes tax preparation advice but also other aspects of your financial security that connect to taxes including payroll help, and support to ensure your identity is safe as well.

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April 12 at 11 am ET / 8 am PT


This Twitter Party is hosted by #MenWhoBlog who will be giving away 2 $50 Gift Cards about every 20 minutes!

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