Why E-Liquid Turns Dark Or Brown

PubClub If you have ever tried out vaping, you are familiar with the e juice. It is a liquid ingredient that you inhale in the form of a vape through a vaporizer. After purchasing a new bottle, the liquid tastes and smells so good. But, after a few couples of days you open the bottle cap, a bogging thing happens you may not like. The e-juice starts to turn the color brown or dark. You might be thinking if the liquid is rotting gradually.  There is a good explanation behind this action that most users don’t know. In this post, you are going to learn why e-liquid turn dark and how you can prevent it. Let’s go ahead. Why e-liquid becomes dark after a few days Oxidation is a common chemical reaction that frequently happens among many ingredients. Vaping juices turn dark for the same reason why apple slices become brown

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