What Are The 4 Rules Of Gun Safety? Your Ultimate Gun Guide

PubClub Around 60,000 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses take place each year. What’s a defensive gun use? While the definition can vary from state to state, generally speaking, defensive gun use occurs whenever someone uses a firearm in self-defense. It just goes to show that owning a gun can make the difference between life and death. As a gun owner, you understand that your safety is your responsibility. To help you stay as safe as possible, we’ve created this first-time gun buyers guide. Our gun guide will review the top 4 rules of gun ownership, along with a few more helpful tips. Read on to learn how to be a responsible gun owner. Keep Your Finger off the Trigger Let’s kick off this gun guide with rule #1: Keep your finger off the trigger! When you attend gun safety courses, trigger finger discipline is one of the first things

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