Two Tequila Cocktails Recipes To Try In 2021

1800 Silver Tequila cocktail recipes Spiced Paloma The 1800 Silver Tequila Spiced Paloma contains grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup. Tequila, cocktail recipes Published Jan. 13, 2021 Staff With the start of a New Year – especially this one – we’re all ready to have something fresh and different. And in the world, a good place to to start is with cocktails. So it is with much excitement that we present to you two new drinks from the mixologists at 1800 Silver tequila. These are not your standard margaritas, mind you, but potentially mind-blowing cocktails that are off the well-beaten and dusty tequila trail. And heck, since we’re forced to stay home these days it’s simply nice to have a little variety in our drinking options.  As a bonus – particularly those looking to keep those “I need go do on a diet” New Year’s Resolutions, blanco tequila is a naturally healthy spirit. It has


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