People enjoy wine at the unique setting of Wine Bar Estate. Photo: Moersch Hospitality Group When making travel plans to go wine tasting, it’s pretty unlikely you will say “hey, let’s go to Michigan!” But these wineries in the state’s southwestern wine country near Lake Michigan are ready to welcome travelers to try their wines, food and even craft beers and local spirits. Below what you will encounter and, as the places are hardly as well known as other wine tasting locations, more intimate and socially-distances experiences are almost a given. Enjoy wine by a fire pit at Tabor Hill winery. Photo: Moersch Hospitality Group Round Barn Estate -Live music with a four-bedroom house rental on-site. It’s focal point is a turn-of-the-century Amish round barn. Round Barn Brewery & Public House – Here you can have local brews and wine, plus cocktails made with its own spirit, along with


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