UCLA Cheerleaders UCLA Cheerleaders perform a stunt on the sidelines of a football game. Photo: PubClub.com By The Pigskin Prognosticator, PubClub.com College Football Blogger There is a conclusion in the SEC, confusion in the Big 10, submission in the ACC and a wounded Duck in the Pac-12. With Alabama and Florida set to play for the SEC Championship, Notre Dame gifted a place in the ACC title game and the Big 10 figuring how how it can save face while at the same time making sure Ohio State plays for the Big 10 championship, college football heads into it’s almost-final regular season weekend. The cancelation of the Michigan-Ohio State game due to high COVID cases with the Wolverines is now driving the Big 10 nuts with what to do with the OSU Nuts. There was the two-step earlier in the season on not and then yes playing games, a minimum qualification

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