USC Song Girls Will the USC Song Girls dress up for the Rose Bowl this year? Photo: By The Pigskin Prognosticator, College Football Blogger While the ACC and Big 10 slept, the Florida Gators wept, the USC Trojans kept (their faint playoff hopes alive) and a flying shoe got more attention than the final results. Florida is no longer a shoe-in for the playoffs even if it wins the SEC because its biggest toss of the year came not from its Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback but a previously unknown defensive back. And you thought Dan Mullenhead showing up to a press conference dressed as Darth Vader was the strangest thing you would see in Gainesville this year. UF is now the University Of Fling. Hey, if the shoe fits… Meanwhile, the Gus Bus was shown the barn door in Au-Barn, the prickly Kevin Sumlin found himself stuck by the Arizona


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