The Nightlife Blogger: What To Do For New Year’s Eve 2021 The Coronavirus Era

New Year's Eve hot girls in a bar PubClubettes The PubClubettes know how – and where – to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Photo: Rory Peters/ By Kevin Wilkerson, Nightlife Blogger In the past, I’ve been to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and the Caribbean. With a distant eye looking across the globe from Berlin to Sydney. I’ve been to promoter parties (one on a boat cruising around a harbor), house parties, pubs and clubs. New Year’s Eve is the world’s great annual party, a time when anyone and everyone gathers to share one common goal: to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new one. (Well, okay, that’s just a grand excuse to party but it’s extra special on NYE night). But there will be no such parties leading into 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has put the brakes on such celebrations, even as we are all anxious to see the end of 2020


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