The End Of The 2020 College Football Season Means Relaxed Saturdays Again

Alabama LA Alumni Group Los Angeles Leading an Alabama alumni group cheering for the Crimson Tide. Photo: college football 2020 season, sports blog Published Jan. 16, 2021 By The Pigskin Prognosticator, College Football Blogger The 2020 college football season is over, and that means I can finally have my Saturdays back again. You see, Saturdays for a rabid college football fan are pre-determined events. There is a routine, a schedule and – of course – the usual rituals, all of which must be done with the preciseness of a marching band. I dress the same every week – same shirt, same shorts with the school’s logo on them and the same socks – down to the underwear. (My sister things I’m like the guy in the Dr. Pepper commercial whose “lucky shorts” got shrunk in the laundry.) But not anymore. I can open up the closet door and wear whatever fits my fancy.


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