Thanksgiving Memories: Food, Friends & The Babe At The USC-UCLA Game

USC-UCLA game fans Fans celebrate a USC touchdown in the UCLA game. Photo: By Kevin Wilkerson, Blogger I have never considered Thanksgiving a holiday on par with Christmas. By that, I mean one in which I have to travel to be with the family. You see, I have to be home for Christmas, but not for Thanksgiving. Having lived away during college and now across the country in California while the family in Tennessee, my Thanksgiving memories are based on dinner parties with friends who also don’t travel home, being on weekend party buses and one magic moment. The USC-UCLA football game. My favorite memory of it and of Thanksgiving comes from long before I ever went to one of the games. I was in college, all alone on an empty campus, and tuned in to watch that cross-town rivalry. The game was in the Los Angeles Coliseum, the weather


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