Take A Look At The Sad Scene Of The San Diego Gaslamp Sports Bars

San Diego Gaslamp sports bars COVID-19 empty Bootlegger A few Alabama fans sit outside at Bootlegger, a spirited Bama bar nicknamed “Tuscaloosa West.” Photo: PubClub.com By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com San Diego Nightlife Blogger Sunday mornings and afternoons during fall football season are normally buzzing in San Diego’s Gaslamp. Fans wearing team jerseys and shirts gather with other transplants at specific venues and there is a buzz one can just feel by waking down Fifth Ave., and other streets. But there is no buzz now. That’s because there are no fans. The sports bars are deserted. Instead of seeing people file out on the streets after a game, you’re more likely to see tumbleweeds. A lone table of San Francisco 49ers fans sit outside Whiskey Girl on a very quiet NFL Sunday in the San Diego Gaslamp. Photo: PubClub.com It’s a sad sight, seeing so many empty sports bars that are normally crowded with NFL fans on Sunday.

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