The Swedish Breakfast cocktail, served in these cups, is not for the birds. Here are three creative cocktails that you can make at home. These drinks are made with the super-premium Swedish vodka Absout Elyx. Two of them are shown in the company’s cool-looking copper containers, which you can buy online at: The Elyx Spritz  The Elyx Spritz is a cool and refreshing drink. Ingredients: • 1-part Absolut Elyx • 1-part Lillet Rose • Top Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic • Cubed Ice Directions: Put the ice in a Highball glass, mix in the ingredients led by the vodka, and garnish with a lemon wheel. Tiny Martini The Tiny Martini puts a twist to this traditional cocktail. Ingredients: • 5 parts Absolut Elyx • 1-part Lillet Blanc • Glass: Tiny Tini Coupe Directions: Combine all ingredients in a Mixing Glass, stir over cubed ice and strain into a chilled Copper


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