Scenes Of The San Diego Shutdown During California’s Stay-Home Order

San Diego Gaslamp restaurants stay-home order It seems appropriate that a moving van would be in front of a Gaslamp restaurant, here at El Chingon. Photo: By Kevin Wilkerson, San Diego Blogger Was that a tumbleweed I saw? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe it was just some loose debris from one of the disassembled outdoor dining areas blowing in the breeze. With the California-mandated stay-home order in effect, once-vibrant San Diego is now a ghost town. A walk through the Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, Broadway Pier and the new and highly popular Portside Pier restaurants revealed, well not much. Silence sometimes speaks volumes. The streets are quiet. Vehicles are infrequent and delivery trucks are few. There’s no music coming out of any place, which is really strange in the Gaslamp Quarter. Restaurants and bars are shut; not a single patron is sitting outside at a table. In fact, there are not even tables outside


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