Paso Robles Winery Rabble Wines Acquired By O’Neill Vint­ners and Dis­tillers

Rabble winery ladies cheers These lovely ladies enjoy a cheers with Rabble wines. Photo: @rabblewine Rabble Wines has been a hit with young wine drinkers, in large part because of its highly creative augmented reality (AR) labels. That appealed to O’Neill Vint­ners and Dis­tillers, which has purchased the Paso Robles winery. Details of the transaction were not released. “The acquisition signals another investment by the rapidly growing O’Neill Vintners & Distillers in the burgeoning market for younger wine drinkers,” the company stated in a press release. Using the winery’s app, the Rabble labels react to scanning by smartphones by animating illustrations on the bottle, even including sound affects. Rabble makes high-quality wines from Paso Robles AVA fruit in its own Paso Robles winery facility. O’Nell will continue this production, focusing on the core tier of Rabble Cabernet Sauvignon (SRP $24.99,) Rabble Zinfandel ($24.99,) Rabble Red Blend ($15.99) and Rabble Rosé ($15.99). Rabble wines have


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