NFL Picks For Week 9 Games And Why I Picked These Winners & Losers

Seattle Seahawks cheerleader dance team... Aleksa is a three-year member of the Seattle Seahawks Dancers. Photo: Saskia Potter, Seattle Seahawks By Kevin Wilkerson, NFL Editor Maybe now after upset Sunday, things will return to normal. Whatever “normal” is in the NFL, as players sometimes lose focus for a week which results in results like, well, the Packers losing to the Vikings and the Chargers falling to the Broncos. But of course, some things stay the same, such as  the Jets losing again. Here are this week’s picks (winners in bold) and keep reading for a rundown of why I picked these winners and losers. Game# Visitor Home Your Pick Conf. Pts 1 Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers GB (visitor) 11 2 Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts BAL (visitor) 13 3 Carolina Panthers Kansas City Chiefs KC (home) 14 4 Chicago Bears Tennessee Titans TEN (home) 8 5 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons ATL (home)


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