Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will be cheering for a big “W” in the Big D. Photo: James D. Smith, Dallas Cowboys   By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com NFL Editor The sleeping Steelers finally woke up, the almost-slumbering Chiefs sleepwalked their way to a win (barely, again) and the Jets are so hopeless their fans are getting mad when they actually win a game. The NFL heads into its final regular season weekend with the the playoff picture as muddy as a New Orleans bayou. But that’s what makes it interesting, down to the last field goal. Note that due to New Year’s Eve, there is no Thursday game this week, nor is there a Sunday Night or Monday Night game. Instead they are on Sunday afternoon. Here are this week’s bold picks, with winners in bold and confidence points in the far right column. Game# Visitor Home Your Pick Conf.

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