Las Vegas Raiderettes Santa outfits The Las Vegas Raiderettes are dressed for the season. Photo: Raiderettes By Kevin Wilkerson, NFL Blogger Heading into the Christmas weekend games, we know know for sure that Pittsburgh comprised not of steel but fool’s gold, the Rams can not only beat just about anybody they can lose to them as well, the Chiefs do just enough to win as if they are toying with teams, the Eagles (as I have been saying all along) are better off with anybody other than Carson Wentz at quarterback and that Jacksonville just plain stinks. Here the games; be sure and scroll beyond the chart to a game-by-game analysis. This is a tough week, for the best teams are not playing the really crappy ones; it’s more of a good-vs-good and mediocre vs. mediocre. I struggled for quite some time to come up with where to place the most confidence points


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