New Year’s Eve New Orleans COVID 2021 – Bourbon Street Bars

Bourbon Street bar balcony girls Girls party on the balcony of a Bourbon Street bar in New Orleans. Photo: By Kevin Wilkerson, New Orleans Blogger New Orleans and New Year’s Eve. The words bring to mind visions of dancing in the streets, drinking from the balconies on Bourbon Street, full and fun bars and people staggering and celebrating throughout the French Quarter. But not in 2020. It will be a different NYE scene this year as people close the (Famous) door on 2020 and open a new one to 2021. But the doors to the Bourbon Street bars – as well as others in the French Quarter and throughout the city – may not be open, for a celebration New Year’s Eve New Orleans COVID 2021 may ring in the New Year with the bars shut to indoor partying. If that is the case, then they will be serving to-go drinks only.


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