New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes With NEFT Vodka – Which Comes In A Barrel

New Years Eve martini NEFT vodka Martini, anyone, for New Year’s Eve!? Cocktails are as much a part of New Year’s Eve as noisemakers and a ball drop. In fact, they are really the most important part. So if you are looking for some cocktail recipes, we have five of them here that will add spice and sizzle to your NYE. And with some destinations not having their usual outdoor fireworks events and even pre-midnight curfews in place this year, being able to make cocktails is an essential ingredient in enjoying NYE in the COVID-19 era. These recipes use NEFT vodka, which has a twist to the usual vodkas – it comes in a barrel and not in a bottle. A specially-designed oil barrel. NEFT is made from water in Austrian’s Rhaetian Alps filtered for 50 years and four ancient non-GMO grains of rye. NYE Cocktails & Recipes Violet Night The Violet Night uses NEFT


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