Winetail wine bottle app The Winerytale app provides pop-up information on your phone from the wine bottle’s label. When you’re in the wine section of a store, do you ever wonder if that bottle you’re looking at is any good? Do you think that while itlooksinteresting you wish new more about it and the winery that makes it? Well, with the Winerytale app, you can do that because you just hold it up to the label and information about the wine and winery pops up on your smartphone screen. The information you see is whatever the winery chooses to highlight – tasting notes, wine parings, the region, etc. – and it has the ability to enhance and update the content at any time.  To Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Winerytale, the app offers wine producers a cool way to connect with consumers utilizing today’s phone technology. “Winerytale enables wine producers to tell their


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