Intoxicated Man Takes Stolen Floating Tiki Bar For A Joy Ride In The Florida Keys

stolen floating tiki bar The US Coast Guard approaches the stolen tiki bar and then arrested the “thief.” Photo: USCG #tikibar #tiki #bars #nightlife By Kevin Wilkerson, Nightlife Blogger Perhaps he had a Hurricane and went insane. Drank a Zombie and turned into one. Consumed a Mai Tai which made him think “may I?” Whatever the reason, an intoxicated man stole a floating tiki bar and took it for a joy ride. It happened in the Upper Florida Keys in early January.   Of course he was intoxicated! Who would even think of doing this while sober!? A floating tiki bar is just that – a thatched-roof water craft with an outdoor motor attached for taking people around harbors and bays in a fun and unique manner. They come with a bartender who makes rum and tiki cocktails. There are a few of them in Florida – Key Largo, Key West and


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