How To Please Your Picky, Allergic Or Dieting Dinner Guests

PubClub... It’s hard to imagine dinner hosts of yesteryear asking their guests beforehand if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Those questions were fitting for a doctor maybe, but not a dinner party, where guests were expected to eat–and enjoy–whatever delicacies they were served. Those days are gone, and we’re better for it, of course. The willingness to accommodate others’ dietary needs, be they medical, ethical, or a matter of personal taste, is a move in the right direction towards inclusion and compassion for our friends and neighbors. But that doesn’t make it easy. It’s not uncommon today to find a table with four diners who have four distinct dietary preferences. Some of them may be the result of medical conditions or allergies, while others may be inspired by personal ethics, taste preferences, or health and weight-loss goals. That’s a tough crowd to please. Restaurants have been doing plenty


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