The Tequila Paloma in a San Diego Padres can could be a hit this season.Baseball fans can literally get in the spirit of their team this season by drinking spirits in a branded can.Cutwater Spirits has released six co-branded Vodka Mule (7%) canned cocktails featuring official team logos through partnerships with the Arizona Diamondbacks, St.Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees and, of course, its hometown San Diego Padres.The Vodka Mule is made with Cutwater Vodka, house-made ginger beer, and natural lime flavor with an ABV of 7%.This is the Padres version of the MLB teams branded Vodka Mule canned cocktail.And made especially for fans of the local team, Cutwater has launched Padres Tequila Paloma, a 7% ABV cocktail made with real tequila and grapefruit soda.Both cans will be available as part of a mixed 12-pack and sold exclusively in the greater San Diego area.


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